Gujjar Transport LLC

About The Company

It is a continuing policy of Gujjar Transport L.L.C. that in the conduct of our activities, we will continue to provide high quality, reliable services to our clients, with the foundation of our success being our employee’s commitment to continuous improvement.

Paramount to the delivery of any quality product is a well implemented quality program, with sound objectives. To achieve client satisfaction, the company has set forth five objectives.

  • Zero Disabling Incidents on every project.

  • 100% of all projects completed on or before schedule.

  • 100% of all projects completed on or below budget.

  • 100% Client satisfaction at all phases of the project.

  • Improved relationships with our suppliers.

It is the mission of Gujjar Transport to accomplish these objectives on all projects with employees at every level playing a key role in reaching these targets. Cooperation of all employees is imperative for the system to thrive and glow. The company supports and promotes this cooperation through continuing education of employees in the objectives and procedures of the Quality Management System. Employees are responsible for following all procedures and where possible suggesting improvements.

Management is committed to achieving the goals and objectives set out in the Quality Management System with the highest importance given to protecting the health and safety of our employees and others who may be affected by our activities , while endeavoring to limit the adverse effects on the physical environment. I trust that you will join me in continuing to consistently provide a standard of quality services to our clients that exceed expectations and that we all can be proud of.

Harjit Singh Takhar, CEO